Waste of time = 0,-

What we do, who we are and why it is time for change.


A professional KAM does not disrupts professional buyers several times a day with questions about what they might think of an idea....

It requires KAMexcellence skills to deliver a world class customer experience that creates value with pleasure. We go "the extra mile", as it always gives extra chances! Remember that the competitors stopped long before the extra mile started, so "here" we are alone with all the possibilities.

We hold only meetings with a carefully selected agenda, which we via analyses, "facts not feelings", combined with extensive experience and market insights know creates value for the customer. – And with a memo after each meeting, everyone knows what has been agreed and who does what as next steps.

With us, nobody pays for a waste of time.

Our customers are keen to experience us as an executing asset and we do not hold meetings for the sake of the meetings. When we show up, it is because we have prepared ourselves and have something at heart. As we represent several different companies, we will often be able to exploit different business ways to the benefit of everyone. As purchasers already buy in several product categories, there is a great time saving for them as we can discuss more issues under the same wings. On the client side, we are happy to meet at your location whenever needed - but not to solve things we could do on the go. Clients are up to date via our CRMsystem – while everyday life can be handled on the phone. Expenses related to customer visits, travel, etc. are shared among clients, so here too there are major synergies and great savings. And clearly, the more with us, the greater the saving compared to doing it yourself. Should you choose to go your own way - we are happy to deliver all contacts and up-to-date dialogue – so the investment will never be sunk.


We are locals who carry the culture in our heart and while reading local newspapers, we are of course up-to-speed with the latest developments on the customers as well.


With many more stores than the population size allows I think the competition is fierce. Not only on price, but also in the actul shopping experience – many shops are renovated while good staff is being hunted to service the customers. Many are open 24/7. With 25 years of experience in the retail industry, I am on first name basis with most buyers in this relatively manageable market.


As the most populous country in the Nordic countries, we are happy with ICA, Ikea and driving Volvo, but we certainly also embrace the range of shops - from the largest chain in the Nordic region in design to the largest single discount store in Scandinavia. Not to forget our great tradition of mailorder, which, combined with our geographical location "in the middle" of the Nordic region, was the perfect spot for the Amazon new Nordic warehouse.


With nearly 2000 km from the south to the North I don't get everywhere every week! My market is characterised by few very successful national chains and a number of regional – however most without daily distribution. We are located at the top of the Big Mac index so you can get money for your goods in my market if you can crack the code to the distribution. Remember we are outside the EU, it often complicates things a little.


Resident in Denmark, but - after years of work and settlement in Germany - fluent in German. I enjoy being local, and the special German mentality, as well as the huge buying volume motivate me – and I am looking forward to helping my clients through the needle-eye to a market where more of my clients have more stores than Coop, DS and Dagrofa in Denmark, combined.


My 46 million fellow citizens make their most daily purchases wither from a few retail conglomerates or a landscape of individual shops that are only reachable through local distributors or human sales networks. Don't forget HORECA – in my country we eat out at the 300,000 local restaurants, and often several times per day.


Bonjour! My customers require a national approach – and local cultural understanding – in order to reach buyers at all. The global chains, especially the world's second largest Carrefour, may seem bureaucratically from outside, but in my opinion it is simply our way of ensuring how only really committed KAM's come through.


This unique remote island was in personal union with Denmark until 1944; has since been independent republic. Many needs still reach the Island from Denmark where our main retailers reach the 93% of the 350,000 that lives in cities along the coast – and easily the 60% in the capital region. We work closely with a retailer that supplies weekly-and in addition, campaigns can be done directly with FOB Denmark terms.


According to Eurostat, Poland is the fastest growing economy in the CEE region and included in the top 25 of the world. With our 38 million people we offer a unique atmosphere, where non-bureaucratically purchasing setup often makes business easier, however acknowledge as well, the "local" CEE mentality – we like to feel that we have something in common with the person we are dealing With.


Despite The average temperatures of only 5 degrees, the business atmosphere is hotter than ever. The last decade has reshaped the retail landscape a lot; Traditional trade and "classy" department stores has merged into more discount driven operations. Few hands control a large share of the retail market, and even individual shops can be reached on KAM level via central driven cooperations. A very nice market.